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Beltway Beef Audio

Date: 1/16/2020

Title: Update on Traceability

NCBA members were invited to join a members-only call on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, to learn more about USDA-APHIS' decision to postpone implementation of the electronic identification (ID) requirements posted by the agency in April 2019. This recent federal action has led to confusion in the cattle industry regarding cattle ID. This members-only call will attempt to clarify what is currently expected of producers regarding official ID of their cattle based on the current federal animal disease traceability (ADT) rule.

The phone call includes an overview of:

  • USDA Animal Disease Traceability Activities
  • Review Current Federal Rule
  • Types of Cattle Requiring Official Identification
  • Forms of Official Identification
  • Types of Official Ear Tags
  • Exemptions


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