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Beef Cattle Information

NCBA works hard to bring the newest information to its producers. The articles below vary in topic and will educate cattlemen and women on the different aspects in everyday cattle ranching.

The Beef Cattle Information PDF articles are available for download through Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). If you have questions about a particular article or would like more educational materials, please contact NCBA Producer Education by phone at 303-850-3338 or by email.

Recent National Cattlemen Articles 

National Beef Quality Audit: What is it? Why do we do it?/Enhancing the BQA Training Experience/Stockmanship and Stewardship: Old Hat, New Frontier

Facility Design and Low Stress Cattle Handling

Veterinary Feed Directive: You have questions? We have answers!

Preparing for Cattle Transport Saves Time, Money and Stress

Beef Quality Assurance, the Base of Successful Marketing for Samson, LLC

2016 BIF Convention Ties Consumer Demand to Beef Cattle Improvement

Welfare Symposium Highlights Latest in Cattle Research

Horn Flies: A Nuisance for Cattle

An Award Winning Team Approach to BQA

Meat and Milk, Dairy Producers Committed to Improving Quality

Know Your Veterinarian

Profitable Cows: A Job Description

Why Keep Records on Your Cow Herd?

Factors Influencing Cow Longevity

Animal Selection: The Genomics Revolution

Supplementation of Heifers: Protein vs. Energy?

What are the Factors that Influence Weaning Weights of Calves?

Why Too Much Rainfall Decreases Forage Quality and Cattle Performance  

Advice from the Experts on Working with Your Ag Lender

Controlling Horn Flies on Pastured Cattle

Science vs. Pseudoscience; How Can You Tell

Pennsylvania Dairy Farm Realizes the Benefits of Dairy Beef Quality Assurance

Evaluating Skeletal Structure When Purchasing Your Next Replacement Bull

Using Good Stockmanship Skills to Move Heifers

Are Beef Cattle Producers Using the Available Technologies?

Self-fed Supplements Provide Nutritional Benefits for Cattle

How Winter Nutrition Influences Cow Production

The Importance of Beef Quality Assurance

Weeds in Our Pasture

The Effect of Horn Flies on Cattle Behavior

What Skills Should a New Graduate Possess 

Beef Demand Infographic

World Trade Organization - An Inside Look    

Supplementing Trace Minerals to My Cow Herd 

How Has the Beef Industry Made Progress Over the Last 25 Years?

Lost Opportunities

Lost Opportunities Identified by National Beef Quality Audit

Why Should I Keep Records on My CowHerd?

The Cow that Stole Christmas

Cattle Checklist After a Flood: Issues to Consider