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Part Three:

Grazing Tools of the Trade

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Grazing Tools of the Trade

Join this webinar to learn about successful approaches to incorporating grazing tools into your operation. Experts will take a deep dive into grazing technology and share real world examples of how you can add these tools to your grazing system. Speakers Dr. Corriher-Olson, a forage specialist from Texas A&M, Coby Buck, the U.S. Account Manager for AgriWebb, and Jon Griggs, 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award winner and manager of Maggie Creek Ranch, will each share their unique perspectives and tech tools that will optimize your grazing season.

Meet the Speakers for the Grazing Tools of the Trade Webinar:

Coby Buck – U.S. Account Manager for AgriWebb

AgriWebb | Livestock Farm Management Software

Coby Buck grew up on Wray Ranch, a commercial black Angus operation located at the junction of the plains and sandy chop hills of northeastern Colorado.  He graduated from Harvard University where he studied History and focused a large portion of his studies on the Great Depression and financial history.  Upon graduation in 2016, Coby focused his career on commodity supply chains and logistics primarily in the energy and agricultural sectors.  Coby Buck joined AgriWebb in 2020 as the US Account Manager.  As US Account Manager, Coby strategically consults enterprise partners on integrating AgriWebb and optimizing their internal systems and processes to leverage the power of AgriWebb to increase ranch productivity, performance, and profitability.

Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson – Associate Professor and Forage Extension Specialist at Texas A&M University

Dr. Vanessa Olson | Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center at Overton (

Dr. Corriher-Olson is a Professor and Extension Forage Specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Originally from North Carolina she received her bachelors from North Carolina State University and her Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. She has been in East Texas for over 12 years. Dr. Corriher-Olson’s mission is to affect a true change in the efficiency of forage production and utilization in Texas. By emphasizing the integrated use of proven methods and technologies, she assists the state’s forage producers to improve yields, stand persistence, and input use efficiency, decrease the threat to the environment, and increase profitability. Her approach has been to share knowledge and findings from applied research, in concert with the work of colleagues in this and other disciplines.


Jon Griggs – Cattle Producer and 2017 ESAP Winner

Maggie Creek Ranch (

Maggie Creek Ranch is a beef cow-calf and stocker operation in the high desert of Elko County Nevada.  Jon Griggs is the Ranch Manager of Maggie Creek Ranch with responsibility for all aspects of the Ranch.  He also serves as President Elect of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association who functions to promote a dynamic and profitable Nevada Beef Industry.  He was named Cattleman of the year for the Association in 2015 and in 2016, Maggie Creek was awarded the National Environmental Stewardship Award and Jon has since been invited all over the Country to speak of Maggie Creek’s conservation efforts.  Griggs worked at various ranches in Nevada before joining Maggie Creek in 1991.  He started there as a Cowboy and was promoted to Cowboss then Manager in 1998.  Griggs lives at the Maggie Creek Ranch Headquarters West of Elko with his wife Shellie and has two children Wyatt and Mackie.  


Part Two:

Forages – Stretching Your Grazing Resources

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Join this webinar to hear from experts, Johnny Rogers, North Carolina State University Amazing Grazing Program Coordinator and Luke Wilson, Market Development Manager for Barenbrug USA, and learn how to utilize forages and stretch your grazing season. They will present applicable principles and strategies that will help create long-term success for your grazing system and make the best decisions on forage types.

Part One:

Grazing Systems & Management

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If you are interested in balancing forage growth, quality and health with animal performance and long-term soil health, this webinar is for you. While “Grazing Systems & Management” might be a lofty title, our presenters will deliver real world experiences, tools and resources that can be used to help producers achieve grazing success. Make plans to join us as we kick off this three-part series on forage and grazing management.


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