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What to expect from the 117th Congress & the Biden Administration

Thursday, January 14th, 2020
6:00 p.m. Central

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This session will explore the incoming Biden Administration, the 117th Congress, and how it all relates to cattle producers. NCBA’s Washington, DC team will cover everything from expected Cabinet Secretaries, potential legislation, use of the Congressional Review and more!

How Cow Nutrition Affects Calf Performance

October 27, 2020
7:00 p.m. Central

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Increasing evidence suggests maternal nutritional deficiencies and other environmental factors can influence fetal development during gestation. Referred to as fetal programming, research in this area indicates the environment experienced during gestation can impact offspring health, performance, and carcass traits.  This session will explore the concept of fetal programming, provide an overview of research in beef cattle and address the influence of nutrient restriction on offspring growth performance, carcass composition and meat quality.

Meet the Speakers

Amanda Blair, Ph.D.
South Dakota State University

Janna Block, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University

Energy Supplementation for Your Herd

October 20, 2020
7:00 p.m. Central

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The next vital nutrient to discuss for the herd in this series is energy. How much energy do they really need? In this presentation Dr. Lawton Stewart & Dr. Dave Lalman will break down the basics of energy supplementation with the goal of helping producers understand why energy is an essential component of cattle nutrition and how to be strategic with supplementation.

Meet the Speakers

Lawton Stewart, Ph.D.
University of Georgia

Dave Lalman, Ph.D.
Oklahoma State University


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