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Committee Leadership

NCBA’s vision is to be the trusted leader and definitive voice of the U.S. cattle and beef industry.



F - Federation
C - Cattlemen's Beef Board


Consumer Trust  

Bill McLaren, Co-Chair (C)
VeaBea Thomas, Co-Chair (F)


International Marketing

Jimmy Taylor, Co-Chair (C)
Bill Lickley, Co-Chair (F)


Domestic Marketing

Katie Cooper,Co-Chair (C)
Andy Bishop, Co-Chair (F)

Nutrition & Health

Angie Meyer, Co-Chair (C)
Russ Uselton, Co-Chair (F)


Safety & Product Innovation

Torri Lienemann, Co-Chair (C)
Chris Jeffcoat, Co-Chair (F)


Stakeholder Engagement

Brian Malaer, Co-Chair (C)
Travis Maddock, Co-Chair (F)




Ag & Food Policy

Joni Bucher, Chair
Ken Herz, Vice Chair 


Cattle Health & Well Being

Mary Ann Kniebel, Chair
Dr. Tom Portillo, Vice Chair  


Federal Lands

Dave Daley, Chair
Jim Hellyer, Vice Chair


Live Cattle Marketing

Jim Fryer, Chair
Troy Sander, Vice Chair 


International Trade 

Gene Copenhaver, Chair
Jaclyn Wilson, Vice Chair


Property Rights/Envir.Mgt.

Tom Hougen, Chair
Charlie Besner, Vice Chair


Tax & Credit

Leroy Starz, Chair
Dan Rorvig, Vice Chair 


NCBA Membership 

Todd Wilkinson, Chair
Mark Eisele, Vice Chair




Finance & Audit

Joe Guild, Chair
Don Schiefelbein, Vice Chair



Jennifer Houston, Chair 



Dr. Nancy Jackson, Chair 
Linda Barnes, Vice Chair 


Checkoff Evaluation

Jackie Means, Chair (CBB) 
Katie Brenny, Vice Chair (Federation)




Livestock Marketing

Tod Fleming, Chair
Clint Berry, Vice Chair 

Allied Industry

Michele Egan, Chair

Product Council

Steve Molitor, Chair