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Executive Committee

NCBA Officers serve on the Executive Committee

Meet the Officer Team

Policy Division   Federation Division 

Steve Hopkins, VA, (2017-19)

Jimmy Holliman, AL, (2018-20)

Clint Berry, MO, (2018-20) 

Jon Means TX, (2017-19) 

Dick Coon, WA, (2018-20)

Tim Koopmann, CA, (2019-21)

Myron Williams, SD (2017-19)

     Region I    

     Region II    

     Region III    

     Region IV

     Region V

     Region VI

     Region VII    

Steve Walker, NY, (2018-20)

Mark Pendleton, NC, (2017-19)

Al Lyman, IL, (2019-21) 

Ryan Moorhouse, TX, (2018-20)

Sallie Miller, CO, (2018-20)

Lucy Rechel, NV, (2017-19)

Travis Maddock, ND, (2019-21)


Affiliate Revenue Seats

Jeff Sternberger, KLA, (2017-19)

Brad Stout, TCFA, (2018-20)



Beef Council Revenue Seats

Jaret Moyer, KBC, (2017-19)

Doug Temme, NBC, (2018-20)

Brad Hastings, TXBC, (2017-19)

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
Kevin Kester, CA, NCBA-PAC Chairman
Paul Parker, NJ, NCBA Allied Industry Council
Gail Venrick, OH, NCBA Product Council
Tod Fleming, WI, NCBA Livestock Market Council
Will Mayfield, TN, NCBA Young Beef Leaders
Mike Deering, MO, State Affiliate Executive Representative
Kevin Thielen, KS, State Beef Council Executive Representative
Robert Skinner, OR, Public Lands Council
Wanda Pinnow, MT, American National CattleWomen