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Federation Audio News

Date: 10/15/2015

Title: Audio with Nancy Jo Bateman, Executive Director North Dakota Beef Commission

Audio with Nancy Jo Bateman, Executive Director
North Dakota Beef Commission

More than 70 staff members from state beef councils across the country joined the Federation of State Beef Councils in Denver, Colo. this week for the Federation’s Partnership in Action planning conference. Nancy Jo Bateman, executive director at the North Dakota Beef Commission, says the meeting is a great opportunity for states to discuss national checkoff-funded programs. 

“We all get to come together with our national staff and learn about how states are doing various programs, how they’re taking the national programs that are funded through the national checkoff and extending them at the state level.”   (14 seconds))

According to Bateman, it’s important to stay on top of current consumer trends and attitudes.

“I think our market research team is just amazing for the beef industry. And every time I hear research results of projects that they have going on, especially with our millennial consumers, the way that they eat beef, the concerns and the challenges that they have in their mind with the preparation of our product, or selection of it, in some ways our millennial consumers are a totally new group of beef eaters out there that we really need to understand and present our product in a little different way. But we’ve made a big circle, and we’re back to where we really need to focus on helping people understand how to properly prepare beef.” (43 seconds)

Bateman says the information she gathers from the meeting is important for planning at the state level.

 “We can take that, take all of the experience, the research, everything that’s been done at the national level to make a national program effective, and then we can scale it down a little bit, of course, for our state, but take the pieces that work for North Dakota and extend it, so that we reach our millennial consumers in North Dakota. Actually, in a state like ours, we know that the vast majority of the cattle that are raised in North Dakota are consumed somewhere else in the country or the world.” (30 seconds))

According to Bateman, who has worked for the beef checkoff program in North Dakota for decades, the states are the foundation of the national program.

“We kind of look at ourselves at the state level as the legs of this whole national program, and that’s from a money collection standpoint or the checkoff, as well as program implementation. And so we’re very forthcoming with our thoughts and ideas, and I think it really benefits the program in total.” (22 seconds)

Bateman says the Partnerships in Action conference is an excellent way for state beef councils and the Federation to forge stronger, more efficient teamwork that can best increase demand for beef.

The Federation of State Beef Councils is a division of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, which is a contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program.  Projects conducted by the beef checkoff must be approved by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.