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Clay Burtrum
    NCBA Federation Division Chair    

Brad Hastings
    NCBA Federation Division Vice Chair    

Federation Members of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee (BPOC)

The Federation chair and vice chair always serve on the BPOC. The other eight Federation members are elected by the Federation’s Board of Directors. BPOC members serve one-year terms and are eligible to be nominated to run for subsequent terms. No member shall serve more than six consecutive terms.

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NCBA Executive Committee - Federation Division

Region I

Allan Robison, OH

Region II

Don Terry, TN

Region III

Al Lyman, IL

Region IV

Jess Kane, OK

Region V

Andy Kellom, MT

Region VI

Mark Wintch, UT

Region VII

Travis Maddock, ND




Beef Council Revenue Seats


Barb Downey, KBC


Jim Ramm, NBC


Dan Gattis, TX, TXBC



Advisory Leadership - Federation Advisory Council

This committee consists of state beef council executive directors, who provide insight about state issues to Federation leadership:

Chaley Harney, MT, Chair
Tammy Vaassen, WI, Vice Chair
Lauren Maehling, AZ, Past Chair
Ann Wittmann, WY
Nancy Jo Bateman, ND
Jim Handley, FL
Todd Inglee, CO
T.K. Kuwahara, ID
Mark Russell, MO
Dale Sandlin, GA