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Federation Audio News

Date: 11/13/2012

Title: The Power of Partnerships

DENVER - Seventy-two executives, staff members and volunteers from 32 state beef councils gathered to launch the 2013 beef checkoff plan of work during the Partnerships in Action Conference (PIA), Oct. 16-18, in Denver. SBC representatives provided input on nationally-conducted checkoff programs and learned strategies to extend programs in their own states, using resources and staff expertise available to them as part of the Federation state-national partnership.

Jason Carter, executive director of the Virginia Beef Industry Council, was one of four new beef council executives attending his first checkoff launch. Carter said the meeting, along with the creative cross-country camaraderie, was one reason Virginia invested in the Federation of State Beef Councils in FY 2013.

“As a Federation member, Virginia will have better access to program staff and resources, especially through kickoff meetings like this one,” Carter said. “I’ve had the opportunity to make contacts with other beef council execs, talk about what’s worked or not worked for them and find resources that will benefit us throughout the year.”

The PIA meeting, along with an orientation for new state beef council directors and staff (March 5-7, 2013), are two annual meetings supported by the checkoff through the Federation of State Beef Councils.

“Bright Idea” Awardees: A panel of independent judges honored state beef councils for marketing savvy and creativity in state-based beef promotions, public relations and special events. The first-ever “Bright Idea” awards were presented at the Partnerships in Action Conference Oct. 16-18, in Denver.

Representing winning states are: (1st row, L to R) Erin Beasley, Ala.; Jean O’Toole, N.Y.; George Quackenbush, Mich.; Kaiti George, Neb. (2nd row, L to R) Carol Gillis, N.Y., Stephen Russell, Kan.; Jennifer Matison, Texas; Audrey Monroe, Kan.; Sharla Huseman, Kan.; Kristin Wilkins, Pa. (red); Deena Robinson, Kan.; Heather Buckmaster, Okla.; Adam Wegner, Neb. Earning the “Best of Bright Ideas” honors was the Michigan Beef Industry Commission.