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Date: 10/31/2019

Title: National Anthem Audio with Jenn Hollingshead

National Anthem Audio with Jenn Hollingshead
Associate Director of Meetings and Events
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association


Finalists have been named for NCBA’s 2020 National Anthem Contest, sponsored by Norbrook, and everyone is being encouraged to vote daily for their favorite singer to go to the Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio in February. Jenn Hollingshead is NCBA’s associate director of meetings and events. She says the event has a proud history and is creating its own fans.


“This is our seventh year of the National Anthem contest, generously sponsored by Norbrook, a good partner to us. We have folks who go in, they submit their entries via YouTube; they submit themselves singing as well as a biography of themselves, kind of give us a little background as to how they’re related to the industry, and we select a panel of folks here and from everyone who submits an entry we get down to four lucky finalists.” (27 seconds)


Hollinghsead says voting for the winner starts soon.

“As of November First those videos will be placed on our website, Go in, find your favorite finalist, vote daily between November first and November fifteenth, and from there we’ll see where the winner ends up.” (17 seconds)


There’s a lot on the line for contestants.

“The winner is going to get a full expense paid trip to our convention in San Antonio. They will be there to open our Opening General Session, and then again they will get to sing the Anthem at the NCBA PBR Invitational at our Friday Night Event.” (15 seconds)


According to Hollingshead, it’s a big deal for the winner.

“They do get a little bit of a following. I have to say people are going in, they’re talking about it, they’re telling their neighbors, they’re voting. These people they get there on site, they sing, and they have a whole fan base of folks who are really rooting them on. It’s fun to watch.” (15 seconds)


The ball is now in the court of public opinion.

“We’d love everyone to go to the website,, to hear the final four. From there you can go ahead and vote, you can pick your favorite. You should vote often, you should vote early, you should vote daily for these folks to get them to San Antonio.” (14 seconds)


Hollingshead says the winner will be announced November 18, and up to one vote per IP address will be counted from November first to November fifteenth to determine the lucky individual who will sing the National Anthem at the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in San Antonio in February.


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