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Date: 5/27/2014

Title: Arkansas Cattle Producer Speaks at FDA Staff College

The most important job the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has here on Capitol Hill is to continually educate about the beef industry. That doesn’t always mean Congressional members or their staffers, it also includes governmental agencies. The Food and Drug Administration hosts their own staff college, in which industry members are invited to speak.

NCBA often participates by bringing producers and industry experts to discuss critical issues that involve the FDA. A strong grassroots presence here on the Hill makes the biggest impression, and this week, Marcus Creasy, an Arkansas cattle producer, flew in to discuss the beef industry’s largest sector- the cow/calf producer. With more than 750,000 cattle farms in the U.S. it is important for policy makers and overseeing agencies to understand the diversity and current challenges for this part of the cattle industry.

As a multi-generational rancher, Creasy shared the value in working with his veterinarian to establish animal health protocols for vaccination, nutrition and animal handling programs to ensure the stability and longevity of his operation. The health of the U.S. cattle herd continues to be the priority for cattlemen and cattlewomen.  The beef industry also continues their own educational efforts through programs like the Beef Quality Assurance Program to build upon the knowledge and understandings of the largest producer sector of the cattle industry.

Participation in FDA’s staff college echoes other educational efforts NCBA has put forth here on the Hill, which include Beef 101 demonstrations. Similar to the staff college presentations, these were developed as educational opportunities for policy staffers to learn more about issues important to the U.S. cattle industry