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Date: 10/9/2014

Title: NCBA’s Kristina Butts Recognized by Drovers 40 Under 40

It doesn’t take long to recognize that the cattle industry is unique among not only agriculture, but American small businesses. A visit to NCBA’s Washington, D.C. office makes that clear very quickly. Our producer members are dynamic, strong willed and independent much like the animals they raise and the lands they are proud to steward. The people that have the privilege to work on their behalf in one of the most metropolitan cities in the world, come from the same roots, sharing their dedication to family and country. That is certainly true of NCBA’s executive director of legislative affairs, Kristina Butts.

Kristina is an impassioned advocate for the cattle industry, because she grew up in it, and understands the challenges of cattle producers across the nation. From her background in Texas, she has worked both on and off the Hill on issues that affect all segments of our industry and all climates, terrains and production practices that make up our varied operations.

Kristina has been extremely innovative in her approach to connect Capitol Hill with an understanding of the day to day work cattlemen and women. Many of these Congressional and Agency members and staff are as unfamiliar with what the producer, feeder, or packer does as those outside D.C. are with the legislative process. Kristina is able to bridge that gap, with innovative programs like her “Beef 101” seminars and staff colleges that bring cow/calf producers, feeders, veterinarians, animal scientists, and other beef industry professions to Washington to talk about complex issues like antibiotics, drought, animal welfare and handling, and stewardship.

Kristina has a broad range of policy victories to her name and she has been instrumental in NCBA’s policy work on issues as encompassing as the Farm Bill, which took over three years, to daily regulatory matters that often go unnoticed outside the Beltway. She works diligently with everyone she comes in contact with, regardless of their background knowledge level to ensure the priorities of our producers are top of mind.

She does all this while staying involved with and actively engaged with not only NCBA’s committees and members, but the American National Cattlewomen, chairing their legislative committee, and serving on the Board of Directors for the Texas Tech Alumni Association, and still finding time to volunteer for several charity groups in Washington, D.C. Those accomplishments alone would more than qualify Kristina for any honor but she is also fiercely devoted to her family. Her and her husband Randy balance their livelihood and the challenges of living in Washington, while placing a priority on the needs of raising their two daughters.

Kristina is a true leader and a standout in a city full of personalities, we are honored that her skills and dedication have been recognized by the industry, through the Drovers 40 Under 40. Kristina will formally be recognized at the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show’s Best of Beef Awards breakfast on February 6 in San Antonio, Texas.