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Date: 11/20/2014

Title: Cattlemen and Women Call for Border Security and Immigration Reform

Tonight, the President is expected to announce his plan to address the immigration issue in the U.S. through a series of executive orders. While we do not know what exactly what the executive orders will address, we do know the reforms cattle producers need to see to support any changes. 

Reform to the U.S. immigration system is important to NCBA’s membership. Cattle producers support efforts to strengthen border security which is a first step to ensure any immigration reforms will be meaningful. Our membership has long supported modifications to the agricultural guest worker program to ensure the availability a visa program to better fit year-round employment needs.

First and foremost, producers demand action securing the border, and any plan supported by cattlemen and women must secure the border along the southern international boundary, add sufficient personnel to accomplish this, equip personnel with the necessary technology and tools, and enhance civil and governmental communications. The current H-2A Guestworker Program is not a workable solution to address year-round labor needs. Modifications to this program or similar agricultural worker programs should streamline the program to better serve all agricultural commodities – including livestock.   

Be assured NCBA will engage on behalf of our membership and the policies they put forward towards a workable guestworker program and efforts to secure the border. We expect the next Congress to consider immigration and border security reform and NCBA will remain actively engaged on Capitol Hill. You can see NCBA’s policies on border security and immigration in the 2014 NCBA Policy Book.