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Date: 1/15/2016

Title: Colombia Grants Full Access for U.S. Beef

At the end of December, Colombia opened its border granting full access for U.S. beef. Since 2003, Colombia placed BSE-related restrictions on bone-in cuts, but recent updates to Colombia's protocols mean that U.S. beef products are no longer subject to export verification (EV) requirements. Kent Bacus, NCBA associate director of legislative affairs said this increased access is positive news for the cattle industry as export markets continue to grow.

"I'm pleased Colombia recognizes the strong protocols we have in place and has granted us full access once again," said Bacus. "This will allow us greater access to their consumers who demand the high-quality product we produce."

In 2012, the U.S. passed the Colombia Free-Trade Agreement, immediately eliminating the 80 percent tariff on U.S. beef that was in place. Increased market access remains a top priority for NCBA and U.S. cattle industry