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Date: 10/19/2018

Title: Correcting the Record: NCBA's Position on Fake Meat

A recent report by the Congressional Research Service on lab-grown fake meat oversight highlights a common point of confusion in the ongoing regulatory debate. The report inaccurately claims that “NCBA believes cell-cultured meat falls under the definition of meat in [the Federal Meat Inspection Act].”

Other analysts and industry groups have reached the same mistaken conclusion, likely due to NCBA’s insistence that U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) should lead federal oversight of lab-grown products.

In fact, NCBA says that lab-grown fake meat fits the definition of a “meat food product,” which is not the same as “meat” under federal law. It is important to note that Congress gave USDA the power to regulate all meat food products. USDA oversight also happens to be the best way to protect consumer safety and prevent the false and misleading marketing of lab-grown fake meat.

NCBA’s full response to the Congressional Research Service report is below. You can learn more about NCBA's work on fake meat here.