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The Federation Role

The Role of the Federation


The History of the Federation


The foundation of the Federation lies in the Beef Promotion and Research Act, which established the national beef checkoff.

Grassroots producers have a voice in deciding national checkoff programs and priorities through the 10 Federation members elected to the BPOC, who serve with 10 members elected by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

Since the Federation is a non-policy entity and was in place before the checkoff became law, it contracts with the BPOC to conduct research, education, information and promotional programs funded by the beef checkoff.

In keeping with a long history of pooling state checkoff dollars to promote beef “where the consumers are,” states invest in the Federation to enhance the national checkoff and contribute additional dollars to underwrite grants to targeted beef promotions in consumer-dense areas of the country.

2020 Federation One-Pager