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Date: 1/21/2013

Title: Weather Blog: February Outlook

All indications suggest that February will start off cold for many areas of the lower 48 states. The cold weather that began during the second week of January for many areas east of the Rockies will likely continue into February. The jet stream pattern will favor the opportunity for more plunges of Canadian air into the mid section of the nation during the month of February.

Stock growers in the northern plains, Great Lakes and upper New England should be prepared for the worst of the cold. The far west coast and portions of the southern plains and southwest will have temperatures closer to normal. Temperatures will remain chilly in the basin and valley areas of the Great Basin and western Rockies where it has been quite chilly since mid December.

February Temperatures

When it comes to precipitation, February may be similar to January in regards to amounts of precipitation for many areas. A colder than normal weather pattern in the winter does not necessarily translate to above normal precipitation. 

February Precipitation

For most of the month of January, the moisture tap from the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Pacific has, for the most part, been shut off. This has kept storms from taping into deep moisture, keepings snowfall and rainfall amounts on the light side for most of the lower 48 states over the past few weeks. For the month of February, we may have some better opportunities for heavy snow and rain events, especially in the Midwest and Great Lakes as the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific may be more open to feed moisture in the USA.

For the drought stricken central and southern plains, there may be some opportunity for precipitation in February, although the heavier amounts needs to help with the drought may not develop in February.

The possibility of one or two more waves of severe cold will be possible during the month of February, especially in the north-central, Great Lakes and New England.