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Date: 2/4/2013

Title: Weekend storm for the Central Plains

With great interest, we will be watching a Pacific storm system slowly  move into the Four Corners region of the Rockies this weekend. This will be the first major "Four Corners Low" will have seen since October. This storm system holds some promise to bring badly needed precipitation to many areas of the central plains and perhaps right into the heart of the worst drought areas the central United States.

            We are excited about this storm for a couple of reasons.

  1. It will be a slow moving system, allowing time for the storm to get organized.
  2. The Gulf of Mexico will be "open" allowing the possibility for some deeper moisture to be brought into the storm.

Although the exact track of this storm is still in question, odds are high that decent amounts of snow for the central and southern Rockies (UT, WY, CO, NV, NM, AZ) and possibly good amounts of rain and snow for NE, KS, OK, TX by this upcoming weekend and into Monday. By late Monday into Tuesday, the precipitation will spread north and east into the Corn Belt and some areas of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest.  

This storm system will likely cause some concern for travelers and folks with young livestock, however, it will likely be the best precipitation producing storm in weeks for the central and western High Plains region.