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Date: 5/29/2013

Title: June Outlook

Summer still has yet to kick into gear in many areas, just ask folks in New England where up to 18 inches of snow fell in some of the higher mountains of New England this past weekend! However, as June progresses we should finally get into the swing of summer of most of the USA.

The outlook for June looks much different that June of 2012. The graphic below shows how hot it was in many areas in June of last year, especially in the Rockies and into the Midwest. The very dry March, April and May of 2012 contributed the heat of June and the following July last year.

The cooler and wet spring season in many areas will help keep June of 2013 cooler with temperature closer to average. The temperature outlook for June 2013 is below. Note the continued coolness in the northern plains, continued heat in the far west and southwest and warmer than normal temperatures in the Great Lakes and New England. The first week to ten days of June will likely be quite similar to the end of May, especially in the northern plains and Midwest/Corn Belt. With some areas still behind corn planting, the continued cool and wet conditions in the Corn Belt and northern plains may still impact the commodities market. The warmer and drier weather we expect in mid June may come a little too late for folks in some portions of the western Corn Belt and northern Plains.

Precipitation in June, especially early in the month will be focused in the nation’s mid-section, Corn Belt and northern plains. There will be a chance for enhanced rainfall as well in some portions of the south. The heavy precipitation in May and early June will keep temperatures from warming up too fast; especially in early June as evaporation of the moisture in the wet grounds will keep air temperatures cool to start the month before temperatures warm up by weeks two and three.