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Date: 7/9/2013

Title: Summer 2013 Compared to Summer 2012

By this time last year, very hot and dry weather had settled into many areas of the United States. Just after the Fourth of July last year, temperatures were boiling in the nation’s mid-section. Very dry conditions had already developed from the Rockies into the central Plains and were expanding east into the Corn Belt and the northern Plains and Great Lakes. As you can see in the graphic below the heat was centered over Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and the Central and Southern Rockies. Only in the Pacific Northwest and Florida did temperatures stay close to or below normal.


The areas that were experiencing the heat were also experiencing severe dryness. It was during the time frame of spring through July of 2012 that the current drought set in. Although there has been some improvement, drought conditions still stubbornly persist in many areas as you can see with the latest drought monitor.

The central and western areas continue to be hardest hit, however, there are almost no areas of drought in the Midwest and points east. Now, let’s take a look at this year during the same time frame.

The temperatures so far in 2013 are almost 180 degrees different from the same time last year. The exception would be in the far west and southwest where hot and dry conditions continue. Instead of hot conditions in the nation’s mid-section we have experienced below normal temperatures this season with some areas experiencing above normal precipitation, especially in the northern areas.

What a difference a year makes!