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Date: 8/12/2013

Title: A Peak at September

Now that we are at the midway point in August we can take a peak into what September may look like across the lower 48 states.

So far, August has been a month of near normal to below normal temperatures for most of the nation east of the Rockies while warmth (but as not as warm as July) persisted in the far west. The second half of August does not look as cool in the Midwest, Corn Belt and eastern areas. Hopefully, the warmer temperatures will help crops along a bit where growing degree accumulations are behind normal, especially in the western Corn Belt and Upper Midwest.

As we head into September it looks as though the warmer temperature trend will continue, however, no significant heat is expected to develop. Cooler temperatures will be found in the northern plains, the southeast and Gulf Coast (thanks to increased tropical activity) with most of the rest of the nation looking at close to normal temperatures to slightly above normal temperatures during the month.

 When it comes to precipitation, we are expecting September to be a little more wet than normal in portions of the Upper Midwest, some portions of the Central Rockies and parts of the Gulf Coast and southeast as tropical storm and hurricane activity may have an impact in those areas.


The rest of the nation is headed for near normal temperatures in September but no large or significant areas of below normal precipitation.

As we approach the end of September we will be watching western Canada closely for any hints of a late September cold front.