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Date: 10/7/2013

Title: An October Storm to Remember

It was just a week or so ago that temperatures in the Rockies and Central and Northern Plains were in the 70s and 80s and many areas had gone through record amounts of rain and flooding.  Then October arrived.

For folks in Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and surrounding states, October started off with one of the earliest and strongest winter storms in a long time. Snow is not uncommon at all in October in the above mentioned areas, however, the breadth and scope of the storm of October 3-5 2013 was above and beyond any normal October snow storm.

It was not “inches of snow” but “feet” of snow for many areas of South Dakota and Wyoming. Not only was the snow deep, but the snow drifts were incredible across central and eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota. Even in the digital age, folks were stranded overnight in cars and trucks on closed roads and highways across Wyoming and South Dakota.

The graphic below shows the heaviest snow was in the Black Hill country of South Dakota and Wyoming with very impressive snow totals elsewhere.


 While the snow and wind was hammering the west, severe thunderstorms produced very strong tornadoes across central and eastern Nebraska. Needed rain fell heavily across portions of the Corn Belt as you can see in the graphic below.

All indications suggest that more stormy October weather can be expected, especially in the west, central and northern plains. Stock growers should be ready for more stormy and cold weather before October is over.