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Date: 11/7/2013

Title: Update on Winter Outlook

Now that we are into November it is time to take a look at patterns and how the early months of winter are looking across the USA.

As we now, the Fall of 2013 has been much colder and unsettled as compared to the Fall of 2012 which was quite mild for most of the USA. All indications suggest that November is going to be cold and wet at times for many areas, continuing some of the trends that we experienced in October.

Stock growers in the Rockies and Central and Northern Plains should be ready for more shots of cold and rain and snow, especially early in the month. There may be periods of stressful livestock conditions at times during the first half of the month, especially for stock growers in Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Utah and eastern ID. Some winter weather will also impact Nebraska and the western and northern Corn Belt areas.

Snow pack in the central and Northern Rockies is above normal to start the season and the trends are favorable for a continued good start to the building of the snowpack in the Central and Northern Rockies in November. Hopefully we will see some of this trend work its way into the Sierra Nevada range in November to help the snowpack there.


With a very active jet stream in the north Pacific and plenty of cold air available in Canada, odds are good that one to three significant winter storms are likely from the Rockies to the Central and Northern Plains and into the Upper Midwest during the month of November.

Temperatures are likely to be at or below normal for most of the west, central and Great Lakes region early in the month. We expect some of the cold in the west to make its way south and east into the Midwest and perhaps the far southeast and east coast later in the month.

So, keep the parkas, hats and shovels handy in November and for folks in the central and east, be ready for some of the cold to get to you later in the month. At the moment, December is looking like a cold month as well.