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Date: 12/17/2013

Title: Holiday Weather Outlook

Dreaming of a white Christmas? If so, your dreams may come true in many areas of the U.S. as we head into the end of this week and through the New Year.

Another round of cold, ice and snow will develop late this week and weekend from the Rockies east into the plains and Corn Belt. More lake effect snows will impact the Great Lakes and some areas of the Northeast will receive more snow.

As we get into Christmas week, only the far west and far southeast areas of the U.S. will experience warm temperatures. The door to cold air from the north will be wide open during the holiday week and into the start of the New Year.

Snow cover is impressive for the season so far. To date, 44% of the lower 48 states have snow cover as you can see the graphic below.


From December 19th through the New Year a series of storm systems and cold fronts will traverse the U.S. The most active weather will be from the Northern Rockies east into the Plains, Upper Midwest, Corn Belt, Great Lakes and the Northeast. Some ice will be found in some areas of the Southern Plains and portions of the Appalachians. 

Stock growers in the above mentioned areas should plan on more stressful weather conditions at times through the remainder of December and into the first week of the New Year.

Although we don’t expect the cold temperatures to be as severe as what we experienced in early December, many areas will experience below normal temperatures through the holidays.