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Date: 1/2/2014

Title: New Year Cold

Over the past several weeks this blog has been discussing the potential for some real cold weather for many areas of the country as we head into the New Year. Several key ingredients for a cold January were coming together over the past month to set the stage for the cold.

It all started in early December with a major cold wave in the western and plains states. Since then it has been an up and down temperature pattern for most of the USA, with the exception of the far west and far southeast where warmer conditions have prevailed and very dry conditions have been noted along the west coast.

Some of the key factors that were in place in early December to make it a colder than normal month for many areas are in place for January.

This upcoming January will rival some of the colder January’s in the past. This will be especially true from the east slopes of the Northern Rockies east into the plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeastern states.

The cold may be severe and long lasting through the first two weeks of January or longer. Stock growers in the listing that follows should be prepared for much colder than normal temperatures and episodes of snow in the coming month. We are expecting the most severe winter weather and most stressful livestock conditions in the following states, if you are in an adjoining state you may be impacted as well.

From west to east, Montana., Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and of New England and portions of the Mid Atlantic states. The prairie provinces of Canada will be especially hard hit with severe cold and severe wind chill values.

January will tax many a hay supply in mentioned locations. The door to Arctic and Siberian cold will be available for most of January.

Watch the weather patterns develop late this week with big cold and big snows in the Great Lakes and especially the Northeast and then and big push of cold air into the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains by early to the middle of next week.

Temperatures could go 10 to 20 below zero over the next week or two in places like Chicago, Minneapolis and elsewhere.

Only the far west will be spared where warm and dry weather will continue for portions of the Pacific Northwest and California. Expect some of the cold to reach the deep south and southeastern states as well, however, the core of the coldest air will reside in the nations midsection.