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Date: 1/7/2014

Title: Some Relief but Still Stormy

The news making Arctic outbreak over the past several days will begin to ease significantly by mid to late in the week for many of you in the Upper Midwest, Corn Belt, Great Lakes and Northeast. Temperatures will moderate as the bitter cold air pool that slide into the nation over the past several days will move northeast into eastern Canada by the weekend.

Temperatures will become much more moderate, albeit still pretty chilly across most of the nation from the Northern Rockies east into the Midwest and Great Lakes. The recent record breaking Arctic outbreak of the past week will be one to remember. We have to go back all the way to 1994 to find an Arctic outbreak as big and as severe as this most recent event.

It is still early in the winter season and we already have had two major Arctic outbreaks, the outbreak that hit the Rockies, Great Basin and High Plains in early December and the most recent outbreak. As it looks now, with conditions in the Pacific and Atlantic remaining similar to what we have see so far since early December, odds are high that we are likely going to experience more outbreaks of cold and snowy weather again late in January and into February.

The key driving forces this winter has been an area of high pressure in the Gulf of Alaska which has been “leaving the door open” for Arctic surges to head south into the lower 48. All indications suggest this trend will continue through the rest of January and into February.

Stock growers will continue to need monitor the medium and long range outlooks to be prepared to take action if more Arctic waves and snow return.

In the far west, the drought will persist in California, although some relief to the dryness in Washington, Oregon and Idaho will develop over the next week or so with some increasing chance for rain and snow in those areas this week.