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Date: 2/11/2014

Title: No Rest for Winter Weary

So far February has continued the harsh winter ways we saw in December and January. For those of you tired of the cold, ice and snow from the Rockies to the east the news is not good.

Not only will there be more cold intrusions from the Great White North but the Pacific is going to be throwing more storms our way as well. As Pacific energy and moisture team up with the Arctic chill there will be more snow, ice and cold coming for many areas of the lower 48 states and will go through the second half of February.

For the second or possibly the third time (depending on where you live), ice and snow will be possible across portions of the southeastern United States this week and more snow for the Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Great Lakes and eastern areas of the Corn Belt.

Stock growers will need to continue to be prepared for just about everything Old Man Winter can throw at you as we go through rest of February. Snow, colder than normal temperatures and episodes of ice will be on the way again.

Even in the far west, stormy weather has arrived, however, that has folks cheering in many areas of the Pacific Northwest and some areas of central and northern California. The graphic below shows the precipitation that has fallen over the last week in the far west.



Heavy snows in the high Sierra will help a suffering snow pack, however, as you can see from the graphic below the season deficit (since October 1) is still very high in the far west with a long way to go before normal values are reached.


In regards to expected temperatures over the next couple of weeks, there is a little bit of good news. Some moderation in temperatures, especially in the nation’s mid section and eventually the south will take place, however, cold will likely make a comeback again after the warming trend.