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Date: 2/18/2014

Title: Sneak Peak into March

The brutal winter of 2013/2014 continues to rage on. The rest of February will certainly try the patience of many across the USA as more cold, snowy and stormy weather will persist during the last days of February.

As we look ahead into March there is some good news and bad news. A lot of the news and whether or not you consider it bad or good will depend on where you live.  

Let’s start with the good news first. The recent trend of increased precipitation in the Pacific Northwest and portions of central and northern California will continue at times. However, at least for central and southern California conditions are likely still going to be drier than normal, but some precipitation is on the way. Also, snow pack will continue to increase in the Central and Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest and in the central and northern Sierra Nevada.

Unfortunately, that is all the good news there is for the winter weary out there. Indications are that March, especially for the first two to three weeks of the month will continue to be harsh for many stock growers across the USA.

Many of the same weather features that have resulted in the harsh winter conditions this year will remain in place as we head into March (warm North Pacific waters, lots of cold air in the Arctic and many other features). We do not expect the overall major weather drivers to change in March.

Therefore, March is likely going to be a stormy month, coast to coast. Temperatures are likely going to be colder than normal from the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains, east to the Great Lakes, Midwest and East Coast. While the severe cold for December, January and February will not be as intense in March, there will still be episodes of colder than normal temperatures in many areas.

There are indications that there will be more storms in the Pacific that will track a bit further south in March, this bodes well for increased precipitation in some of dry areas of the Southern Rockies and Southern Plains, however, this also means the potential for some major winter like storms with snow, ice, wind and colder than normal conditions in some areas that have missed some of the winter storms this season.

Once again, as we have mentioned many times this winter season, conditions are going to be severe at times for stock growers in the Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast as well as in portions of the Central and Northern Rockies during the month of March.