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Date: 3/26/2014

Title: April Outlook

April will likely continue the same trends we have been experiencing across the USA since December.

This means where it has been cold it will be cold, where it has been wet it will be wet, etc.

As you can see in our outlook below, April is likely going to be colder than normal across the Northern Plains, portions of the Northern Rockies, Great Lakes and portions of the Northeast. For folks in these areas, April will be testing your mettle as many are anxiously awaiting some warmer temperatures and relief from one of the most brutal winters in recent years.

Warmer than normal temperatures are likely in the same areas that have been dry and warm this winter. The far west, southeast and some portions of the Southern Plains will be a little warmer than normal in April.




When it comes to precipitation the same trends that have developed in March will continue into April. As you can see in the graphic below, precipitation is likely to be at or above normal values over the Pacific Northwest to the Northern and Central Rockies as well as many areas in the southeast and south central states. Near normal precipitation is expected in many other areas including California that does have some chances to receive more needed rain/snow before the start of the dry season. One area of concern will be portions of central and west Texas, Oklahoma, southern Kansas and southeast New Mexico where dry conditions may persist.