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Date: 4/14/2014

Title: May Outlook

April is half over but it seems winter in many areas is not! There will likely be more opportunities for colder than normal temperatures and episodes of unseasonably late snow in many areas before the month is over. Lots of snow cover remains in Canada with plenty of cold air in the higher latitudes available to head south. Therefore, there is still some fight left in winter.
Stock growers, especially in the northern plains and Rockies need to be prepared for more wild swings of mild weather followed by much colder temperatures and threats for more rain/snow. The same is true for the Great Lakes region, the Northeast and northern areas of the Corn Belt.

Does May have anything better to offer? First of all, May can be a wet month for many areas of the lower 48 states. On average, May is one of the top three wettest months of the year for many areas. May should not disappoint many in regards to precipitation.




In regards to temperatures, there is some good news that we may finally begin to warm up, however, cooler than normal temperatures will persist in the Great Lakes and portions of the upper Midwest.