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Date: 4/28/2014

Title: Any Signs of Summer Yet?

Simply put…no. While there have been some brief warm ups across the U.S. this spring, we have not had any prolonged spell of any consistently warm weather yet (with the exception of the far west and southwest).
A peak into early May we see that the new month will not bring any big warm up, especially early in the month and especially from the Rockies east to the Midwest, Corn Belt , Great Lakes and the Northeast. High pressure along the west coast and north into the Gulf of Alaska will continue to direct shots of colder Canadian air easy access south into the lower 48 states. As we have noted in earlier posts, this spring is going to test the patience of many.
The first week to ten days (maybe the first two full weeks of May) will bring colder than normal temperatures from east of the Continental Divide to the Northern Plains, Corn Belt and Great Lakes. Any warm up in those areas in early May will be brief as several weather systems will work far south out of Canada and into the heart of the U.S.
In addition to the nation’s mid section receiving more shots of cold, expect that colder weather to be accompanied by near to above normal precipitation as well, especially for the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains and portions of the Corn Belt. There is some hope of decent chances for rain in central and northern California as well.
Where will it be warmer and where might summer show signs of wanting to start? In the Desert Southwest and far in the southern portions of the southwest will have near to above normal temperatures. Portions of the south central and southeastern states should have more consistent temperatures, however, be ready for more severe weather at times. After a very slow start to the severe weather season, expect more severe weather to develop, especially the south and southeast as we head into May.

So, summer is on hard, for a little bit longer!