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Date: 5/13/2014

Title: June Outlook

This spring season has been trying for many. From recent spells of severe weather to late season snows to continued coolness in many areas. While there have been bouts of warmer weather and short glimpses of summer, there have been on consistent periods of warm weather have not been interrupted by much colder conditions.

This past week, record cold and snow has invaded portions of the Rockies and High Plains. While the precipitation has been beneficial (some of it in the form of snow), many areas from the Northern and Central Rockies to the Northern Plains and Corn Belt need some warmer temperatures. Conversely, the dry and hot weather continues in the Desert Southwest, California and the Southern Rockies into the lower Southern Plains.

Many are more than ready for summer in many areas and others are hoping for relief from heat and dryness.

For the month of June, the news may not be good for many. Many of the same trends we have experienced in May will persist into June. Namely, the colder than normal conditions in the north central areas of the U.S. through the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes will likely persist. As you can see in the graphic below the coolness will persist in the same areas that have been colder than normal since December. This area includes portions of the northern and western Corn Belt and Northern Plains. The far west and the far south will be warmer with a large area in between the warm and cold areas expecting near normal temperatures.


Precipitation in many areas of the central and north may very well end up at above average levels for the month of June. Where you expect to have above average precipitation you will also likely have cooler than normal temperatures. The graphic below you can see that most of the U.S. will enjoy either above average precipitation or average precipitation.