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Date: 6/30/2014

Title: Big June Rains

Not that long ago a lot of folks were clamoring for rain in many areas of the Corn Belt, the Midwest and portions of the central and northern plains. Now in so areas, folks would like a bit of a break from the rain.

Rainfall in the month of June was quite spectacular in many areas listed above. Many areas that badly needed rain have received more precipitation in the month of June that many areas had through a good portion of 2012.

The map below highlights the rainfall in the nation’s midsection during the month of June. Notice the large area (in red) of six or more inches of rain in the month of June. It was a great month for dry areas of Nebraska, Kansas and areas of eastern Colorado.

Total June Precipitation


Notice some of the purple shading in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and southeastern South Dakota. Many areas in the purple shading saw an excess of twelve inches of rainfall during the course of June.

The graphic below highlights the state of Iowa and the big rainfall during the month of June. Some heat and a break in the rain would be welcome by many in the Hawkeye state.

Many areas in the Southern Plains also did quite well with precipitation in June (Oklahoma, New Mexico and portions of Texas).

Total Rainfall in Iowa June 1 to June 27, 2014


As we look ahead into the month of July the chances of at least normal amounts of precipitation look likely in the nation’s midsection along with temperatures that are likely going to be at or a little below normal.