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Date: 9/2/2014

Title: Wet in the Southwest Next Week

Water temperatures off the west coast of Mexico are very warm creating a ripe environment for the possibility of tropical storm and maybe hurricane development in the Baja region later this weekend and into early next week. Another reason to be concerned about a Baja tropical storm or hurricane is that it has been quite awhile since that area has had a major tropical system.

We are tracking this closely because there could be some impacts to beef producers who live the Desert Southwest. In particular beef producers across Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, southern Nevada as well as portions of Colorado and west Texas could be in line to see significant rainfall and possible flooding next week as tropical activity moving northward along the west coast of Mexico.

The potential for very heavy rainfall next week could develop in the above mentioned states, possibly even portions of southern California.

It is not often that the remnants of tropical storms or hurricanes move into the Desert Southwest. It been awhile, however, there have been situations in the past where this has happened. One good example of this situation was hurricane Kathleen in September of 1976. Kathleen brought very heavy rainfall into southern California and Arizona and some other locations in the Desert Southwest. Over a foot of rain fell in some areas during that storm. Rainfall from Kathleen got as far north as Montana. You can see the track of Kathleen below.


While it is too early to predict rainfall amounts next week, beef producers in the Southwestern United States should be prepared for what could be significant rainfall, especially in Arizona, New Mexico and far southeastern California.