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Date: 9/29/2014

Title: California Rains…Are They Ever Going to Come?

For some areas of Northern California over the past week, rain has been reported! As you can see from the graphic below highlighting precipitation over the past week, many areas of central and northern California actually have received some rainfall. Big rains have also fallen over the past week over the Great Basin. In particular, Utah, Arizona and many areas of New Mexico have received very impressive rainfall amounts not only in the past week but for the month of September.


However, the central and southern areas of California remain mired in drought conditions. We are pinning our hopes on better chances for rain in the central and southern areas of California as we get deeper into the fall season and as we head into the winter months.

The JAMESTEC model continues to show some promise for west coast rains as we head into the fall and winter seasons. The graphic below shows near normal precipitation for the west coast from September through December. It will be a weak to moderate El Nino that will be developing and enhancing the chances for west coast rains a little deeper into the winter season.


The graphic below shows global precipitation chances for December, January and February. Notice the light green shading from California east into Nevada and other portions of the Desert Southwest.
The same trend continues into March, April and May 2015 as you can see below.