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Date: 10/6/2014

Title: Busy Weather Coming

Over the course of the next two weeks there will be a lot happening with the weather across not only the United States but across the Northern Hemisphere as October will show why it is sometimes a month of big weather changes and the seasons turn.
It gets started with yet another weakening hurricane (Simon) moving into the Desert Southwest this week bringing heavy rains to Arizona, portions of New Mexico and Colorado by mid week.
Late in the week, there will be heavy rains breaking out across the Ohio Valley and the eastern areas of the Southern Plains as tropical moisture collides with the leftovers of Simon. 
Producers should be ready for heavy rains that could accumulate from 2 to 5 inches in portions of eastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and southern Ohio late this week and into the weekend. 
These heavy rains may cause harvest delays in some areas. Heavy rains may also fall across eastern Texas and into portions of the Gulf Coast.

After a taste of tropical moisture this week and early in the weekend, a shot of colder air will bring much colder temperatures to portions of the Rockies and High Plains by Sunday and into Monday along with what could be some higher elevation snows to the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming this weekend.
By late next week (sometime around or after October 16th), a strong Pacific storm system could bring rain and mountain snows to the Pacific Northwest and perhaps some rain and high mountain snow in portions of California.

The deeper we go into October the strong the jet stream, the bigger the temperature contrasts and the better the chances for wild fall weather. This is the time of year of big temperature swings from warm to cold to warm again, higher elevations snows and a rapid change of seasons by the end of the month.