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Date: 10/20/2014

Title: November Promises Colder Weather

So far the month October has been relatively mild for many areas of the United States. There has been one pocket of cooler temperatures across the Dakotas, Minnesota, Great Lakes, Iowa and other areas of the western Corn Belt. However, in those areas temperatures have not been too far below normal.

Elsewhere temperatures have been pleasantly mild and no real big early fall storms have developed.

However, expect this to change as we head into the last week of October and head into November.

Around and just after Halloween, the jet stream is likely going to become more active and will likely be sending several shots of colder air from Canada to arrive in the lower 48 states. 

Beef producers in the Rockies, Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains should be prepared for much colder temperatures and some rain/snow chances right at the end of October and into the start of November. Cold will also invade many areas of the Great Lakes, Corn Belt and portions of the Northeast.

Fall has been fairly pleasant in many areas of the nation so far this season, however, that is likely to change as we head into November, especially the first two weeks of the month.

In addition to November bringing some colder weather, expect increasing chances for precipitation in many areas. Even drought stricken areas of California have some decent chances for seeing some precipitation in November (coastal rains and high Sierra snowfall).

Expect increasing snow chances in the Northern and Central Rockies and the higher elevations of the Pacific Northwest in November, especially early in the month.