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Date: 10/29/2014

Title: Winter Weather in the Great Lakes Northeast This Weekend

Beef producers in the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and New England should be prepared for a dose of winter beginning this Friday and lasting through the weekend. 

This first real bona fide shot of Canadian air combined with a developing low pressure system in the Great Lakes will produce rain, wind and then some snow, the first significant snow for many in the above mentioned areas.

It all gets started on Friday as temperatures will plunge in the Great Lakes. Much colder air will then overspread portions of the eastern Corn Belt and the Ohio Valley and then the cold, rain and snow will spread east into the northern sections of the Mid Atlantic and New England.

The mountains of West Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia will get into the snow act first, however, by then it will have already snowed in many areas of the Great Lakes by Saturday morning.

Beef producers with young, weak or newborn livestock along the path of the storm should be prepared for the first real taste of winter as well as stressful livestock conditions.
Colder than normal temperatures will also plunge far south into the southeastern states behind this storm this weekend and into early next week.

As you can see in the forecasted snow graphic below, beef producers in Maine should be ready for significant snowfall.


In addition to the snow in the east, notice what could be big snows in Sierra Nevada of California as well as the mountains of Idaho, Montana and western Wyoming. Many areas of Canada which already have snow cover will likely see more additional snow accumulations in the coming week.