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Date: 11/11/2014

Title: A November to Remember

As of the writing of this article a wave of Arctic air descended on the Rockies and Northern Plains. Along with the plunging temperatures, snow was falling in many areas from the Rockies east into the Plains.
This most recent Arctic wave is going to be followed by more shots of cold and snow as a major change in the jet stream pattern across the northern hemisphere continues. A very large area of high pressure will extend from the west coast of Canada north into the Gulf of Alaska. As keen weather observers will note, this placement of high pressure to the west of Canada leaves the door wide open for cold air to dive south out of the far Northwest Territories of Canada, Siberia and the Arctic Circle region right into the nation’s midsection.
Cattle producers need to be prepared for a long spell of very cold temperatures and occasional snowfall from the Rockies east into the Great Lakes this week and weekend and into early next week. In particular, stock growers in the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains need to be prepared for severe cold. Temperatures this week will plunge far below zero across Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas and possibly as far south as Nebraska and Colorado this week with the severe cold spreading east in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes by later in the week and weekend. Record temperatures that have stood for decades may fall.
All indications suggest that the ridge of high pressure off the west coast of Canada may be quite persistent during the month of November which could mean that most of the nation may have a colder than normal November from the Rockies and points east. The severe cold will avoid areas of the far west, northwest and Desert Southwest.
In addition to the cold November temperatures, the chances for a wet November are increasing. Even drought stricken California has some chances for seeing some coastal rains and high Sierra snows in the coming weeks.
The extensive cold across most of the nation this month also means that many areas may see more snow than rain this month, Even some southern areas of the USA will have some November snow. Texas, Arkansas and even far northern Louisiana could see some snow flakes before the month is over.