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Date: 11/17/2014

Title: November Snow and Cold

After a very mild October over most of the nation, November has been much, much colder for many areas from the Rockies east to the Plains and Great Lakes. In addition, to the record breaking cold in many areas the snow fall has been very impressive for this early in the snow season.

As you can see in the graphic below, the snow cover is very impressive for mid November.


50.4 percent of the lower 48 states are covered in snow as of Nov. 17. This is the most snow cover for mid November in the past 11 years.

If we look at last year for the same time frame you can see the extent of snow cover was much less.


Of course, we all remember what happened last winter when severe cold began to invade most of the nation from December through February. Does this year’s early November cold and snow a harbinger of what may come for the rest of the winter?

Despite some long range forecasts from some circles of a more mild winter, this cold November so far could suggest the contrary as there are likely going to be more episodes of severe cold moving in the nation this winter.

Beef producers, especially those from the east slopes of the Rockies to the Midwest should pay close attention to the current weather and the possibility that will likely be more cold/snowy periods coming up later this month and into December, January and February.