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Date: 11/25/2014

Title: California Rain

I am happy to report that all long range analysis is suggesting that badly needed rain is headed toward California and other west coast beef producers in the next week to ten days.

As we have indicated in previous posts, the development of a weak El Nino was going to favor an increased threat for rainfall in California by December and especially into January and possibly February.

While the weather highlights this week will be an east coast snowstorm, more snow and cold in the Great Lakes and Northern Rockies by this upcoming weekend and into early next week, beef producers in the far west and southwest will be welcoming some rain.
Rain will begin in the Pacific Northwest late in the week and will spread south into Northern California by Saturday morning and will spread into Southern California by the following Monday morning and will continue into Tuesday and possibly late Wednesday.



 As you can see in the graphic above, rainfall may exceed 2 inches or more in many areas of California, with the heaviest rains in the central and north but many areas of Southern California could see significant rain as well.

The Sierra Nevada mountains will also benefit from some heavy snows that could exceed 2 to 4 feet over the highest elevations.
Stock growers in Nevada, Arizona and Utah will benefit from some rain and snow as well.

The current drought update below shows the areas in the worst drought conditions have the best chances for significant rain and snow over the next week to ten days.