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Date: 12/8/2014

Title: More Rain/Snow for the West Coast Region

The Pacific Northwest, California and portions of the Desert Southwest should be prepared for more rain and mountain snow later this week and likely off and on through the rest of December.

The most drought stricken areas of the nation will have the best chances for the heaviest precipitation in the coming weeks as the Pacific will be quite active in producing storm systems that will move across the west coast and most of the far western United States.

The most recent drought status is shown below. Despite some very heavy precipitation in the far west last week, there is a long way to go before the most severe drought regions ease, however, there will be more precipitation on the way to west coast cattle producers in the week ahead.

The graphic below shows the ten day forecast for precipitation across the nation. The heaviest precipitation is in the Pacific Northwest south into northern and central California. Some areas of the Southern Plains will get into the act as well. In all likelihood, the heavier precipitation may extend farther to the south into southern California than the graphic represents.


All indications suggest that the Christmas and New Year’s weeks will also bring more stormy weather to the west coast and for many other portions of the nation as well.