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Date: 1/4/2016

Title: Interesting Days Ahead

The New Year is going to start off with a very active weather pattern coast to coast that may pose some challenges to beef producers across the nation as well as bring a bit of good news and a bit of bad news depending on your prospective.
First of all, let us take a look at the far west and most notably drought stricken California. All the talk of El Nino this year has folks hoping for some healing rains to the Golden State. All indications suggest that indeed, the promised El Nino rains are coming beginning this week to all of California as a series of storm systems will be moving into the west coast.
Rainfall amounts over the next week to days could be as high as two to five inches over many areas of California, including many areas of Southern California. Snowfall will be heavy (as it has already been) in the high Sierras over the next to ten days as well.
There will also be significant rains across the Desert Southwest with the mountains of Arizona,  Utah, Nevada and New Mexico getting more snow.
The New Year will also bring a BIG change in the weather patterns across the central and east. The very warm start to the winter season in the Midwest and East will change abruptly by late this week and into next weekend and beyond.
The Arctic will release a big shot of cold from the Rockies and points eastward late this week and weekend. This will send temperatures plunging in the nation’s heartland by late this next weekend and spreading to the east coast by early next week.
Snow may fall as far south as Arkansas and Tennessee by early next week. Areas of the Midwest experiencing flooding may see cold enough temperatures that some of the flood waters may freeze this week and next.
Beef producers across the whole nation should be prepared for challenging weather conditions over the next two weeks. Areas that have been mild this winter will be getting a lot colder with some ice and snow on the way while much needed El Nino rains are coming to California and the Desert Southwest. Also, don’t be surprised if a major east coast snowstorm or two develops over the next 15 days.