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Date: 1/12/2016

Title: Snowpack Update

Snowpack and snow cover across the United States is ahead of where we were a year ago and in some places, snowpack is doing much better in some areas of the drought stricken California. The graphic below shows snow cover as of January 10 of this year. The most extensive snow cover is across the central and west and extends far to the south across the Desert Southwest.

The graphic below shows the snow cover for the same date last year. Notice the more extensive snow in the east but less snow compared to late year elsewhere.

The recent snowpack numbers illustrate how much better this year is faring in the far west and portions of the central and southern Rockies compared to last year.

The chart below shows snowpack compared to normal values for California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Many basins are above normal and with El Nino impacts likely to continue in the coming months, more snow at near to above normal levels will be likely in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.