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Date: 1/18/2016

Title: East Coast Winter Storm

Beef producers across the eastern half of the nation enjoyed a very mild winter until the past week when some much colder temperatures arrived this past weekend. The cold came but not much snow, however, that is all going to change in the coming week and weeks ahead as the eastern half of the nation will be under the gun to get colder and possibly receive some big snows.
It will be a quite a change for stock growers on east of the Mississippi who have had little severe cold or snow so far this winter. It all gets started with the colder temperatures over the region to start the week, then by midweek snow will be developing in the Ohio Valley and will spread east. While snowfall will not be heavy it will have an impact as temperatures will remain very cold.
The main event for the east will be this weekend as a rapidly developing storm will form in the southeast. This storm will bring rain, ice and snow to portions of the Deep South by the end of the week.  The storm system will then take a ride up the eastern seaboard. The combination of this storm merging with the Arctic air and the warm Atlantic waters will result in the biggest winter storm of the season for most of the eastern seaboard as well as the Mid-Atlantic states, New England and of the Appalachians.
Snowfall amounts of one to two feet appear likely at this time, especially over the higher elevations of the east. Beef producers in the central, east and eastern seaboard should be getting prepared for this change to winter storm conditions late this week and weekend.
After the dust settles after this first storm, expect a very good chance for another winter storm the following week or weekend as the pattern will be in prime shape to deliver the right ingredients for the formation of at least one more big winter stormy before the end of the month.