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Date: 2/8/2016

Title: Cold and Snow Return the Midwest and East

After a very stormy week in the Rockies and Central Plains, the focus of winter weather will be shifting eastward this week and likely into next week.
Big snows, cold and wind hit beef producers hard in the Rockies and Plains last week, however,  with high pressure moving into the west and Rockies, stock growers in the west will be able to catch a break with warmer and drier conditions developing this week and into the weekend. Warmer and drier weather will also be found along most of the west coast and Desert Southwest as well.
The graphic below shows snow cover across the United States as of this past weekend. As you can observe, the recent storm in the Rockies and High Plains has left a pretty big swath of snow cover across many areas of the central and the west.


Also notice the “hole” in the snow cover across much of Montana and the Dakotas. This is a classic signature of a strong El Nino as the main storm track this winter season as taken storms on a more southerly route.
Compared to last year at this time, snow cover was much less extensive and directed more toward New England the Great Lakes.


Over this week and most of next week, the most unsettled weather and the most extensive areas of cold and snow will be in the Midwest, Great Lakes as well as most of the East Coast.  There will even be a pretty good penetration of colder air moving into the Deep South as well.
While beef producers in the far west and Rockies can catch their breath this week and into next week, beef producers in the central and east should be ready for some winter weather!