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Date: 3/14/2016

Title: Winter Weather Still on the Table

The past several weeks have brought a few bouts of spring like weather to many areas of the nation. Some tulips and daffodils may be emerging in gardens all over the country. However, there appears that winter is not over yet for many as we will see in the coming weeks and into April.
This week will bring much colder temperatures to the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains along with mountain snows as the possibility of accumulating snows across some areas. Stock growers in the Rockies, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin should be prepared for much colder temperatures, cold wind chills and some snow this week. Anyone in calving operations should be prepared for a bout of colder temperatures, wind and some snow from the Northern Rockies, eastward to the Great Lakes.
The most active and coldest weather will be found across the northern tier of states, including portions of New England and the Northeast late this week and weekend.
The heavy rains (up to 20 inches worth in some areas) in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas will ease some as the focus of the heavier precipitation will develop across the northern states.  The heavy precipitation in the far west, northwest and south is showing up in the most recent drought change report (see graphic below).

Pockets of dryness are showing up across some areas of the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains, while improvement continues in the far west and northwest.