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Date: 3/29/2016

Title: Out Like a Lion

March weather came in like a lamb for most of the nation as warmer and drier than normal conditions were found in many areas.  
However, since the middle of March, very stormy and wet weather has moved back into many areas of the nation. For the last few days of March and into early April, expect more stormy weather in many areas of the nation.
Last week brought a crippling blizzard to Wyoming, Colorado and portions of Nebraska and Kansas. Another strong winter storm will impact Wyoming, South Dakota and portions of Nebraska and Montana this week. Beef producers in the above mentioned states should be prepared for another round of heavy snow, wind and much colder temperatures.
A surge of much colder than normal air will drop south into the nation’s midsection, Great Lakes as east later this week and into the weekend. For stock growers in the Rockies, High Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast, be prepared for much colder, winter like conditions over the course of the next week to ten days.
The stormy weather has increased snowpack across portions of the west, however, many reservoir levels remain below normal in many states. Only Colorado, Montana and Wyoming have reservoir levels above normal values. With the runoff coming soon and likely more spring snows coming to the mountains of the west, some states are within striking distance. Utah, Montana, Oregon and Idaho may near or above normal reservoir levels by early summer. California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona need more help.