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Date: 4/25/2016

Title: Wet, Wet, Wet

The last days of April and the first half of May continue to show promise for very wet weather conditions in many areas of the west, central and south as a series of Pacific storms will move into the West Coast every other day or so.
Significant rain and thunderstorm activity will break out across the High Plains of South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming as well as portions of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and more heavy rains will be possible in rain soaked central and eastern areas of Texas.
There will also be significant chances for heavy rains in some areas of the Corn Belt and Midwest in the coming weeks.
The graphic below shows the precipitation potential (in inches) across North America over the next two weeks.


The red and orange areas represent areas of three to over five inches of rainfall! Not only will it be wet, but snow is a good possibility across many areas of Wyoming and Montana this week as well as the higher elevations of Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Late season snow pack conditions are faring very well from the central and northern Sierras, east into the Central and Northern Rockies.  The graphic below shows snow pack information through April 24. The green square indicate near or above normal snow pack with the blue showing much above normal. Yellow highlights below normal snow pack conditions.


Beef producers, especially those with young or newborn livestock should be prepared for more cool, wet and unsettled weather in the coming weeks across the central, west and Rockies.