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Date: 5/11/2016

Title: Precipitation Outlook

It has been an active week of weather across the nation with more rain and snow in the Rockies and High Plains and severe weather in the Midwest and the South. The graphic below shows precipitation over the past week. 


Much needed rain for beef producers fell along the eastern seaboard and Mid Atlantic, Florida and portions of central and Northern California. Portions of the eastern Corn Belt and Great Lakes got wet as well. In the central Rockies and High Plains it was another wet weekend. Very heavy mountain snows were reported in Wyoming and Colorado. Flooding was also noted along many creeks, rivers and streams in Wyoming and western Nebraska.
Beef producers in the central Rockies and portions of Nebraska should be on the lookout for more flooding potential as above normal snowpack, water releases on some reservoirs and additional rainfall will combine to bring rising waters over the next several weeks.
For beef producers in the Midwest and Corn Belt be prepared for some cooler and wet weather as well as there will be an increasing chance for heavier rain and periods of heavier thunderstorm activity this weekend, this weekend and into next week.
The east and southeast will also experience more rain and perhaps the threat for severe weather at times.