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Date: 5/31/2016

Title: Finishing Up a Wet May

We have just completed a cool and wet May for many key ag areas of the United States. For a large part of the nation temperatures were below normal with many areas also experiencing above normal precipitation.  Many folks have called this past month a “Miserable May”.
Below shows temperatures relative to normal during the month of May. Blue highlights below normal temperatures, white shows near normal and red/orange showing above normal temperatures for the month.


With the exception of the far north and far west, most of the nation was very cool in May, especially in the Rockies, Plains and Corn Belt.
Precipitation was above normal in many areas as well.  Much above normal precipitation was noted in the Southern Plains, Rockies with Texas in particular getting a lot of rainfall.



Soil moisture is in good shape in many areas as we head into the warmer summer month of June.  There are a few patches of dryness in the far west and northeast while most of the rest of the lower 48 is in good shape heading into the start of summer. 


The current drought status chart below shows that most of the nation (with the exception of the far west, California and Southwest) is in good shape in regards to drought conditions.  As we head into June we will be monitoring the dry areas of the southeast and northeast as well as portions of the Northern Plains.